Messiah Lutheran Church
13901 Clopper Rd. Germantown, MD 20874
(301) 972-2130


Properties Chairman is Robert Colter (

Properties Capital Improvement Projects

Education Wing Siding Replacement. The wooden material of the current siding is aging and deteriorating in several places. Currently, your Properties Committee is investigating vendors and materials for the replacement of the siding on the Education Wing of the building.

Sanctuary Beautification. Our sanctuary is need of painting and its wood floors are due for resurfacing. Your Properties Committee is in the initial stages of identifying vendors who are well-versed in this type of project.

Flooring on Main-Level of Building. — Unifying and modernizing the flooring types throughout the upper-level of the church building will be a large part of the updates to the use of our building for its many new and future functions.

Please consider making a special donation towards these projects. An online payment system is available and is accessed by clicking on the image below.

Posted on: November 23rd, 2022 by Susan Wollman

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