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Jesus said, "Let the children come to me and do not hinder them for the Kingdom of God belongs to such as these." Mark 10:14

Parent Information

The parents, friends and families of our students are tremendously supportive and vital to the education of the children at Messiah Lutheran Preschool. Below are links and reminders to help you find the information and resources that you need.

Messiah Lutheran Preschool now has an online payment system!

How to Make an Online Payment

Parent Handbook

The parent handbook contains all of Messiah Lutheran Preschool’s policies such as registration, inclement weather, emergency situations, discipline, tuition and health.

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COVID-19 FAQ (update is coming soon!)

MLPS is required to report (to the Montgomery County Health Department) all cases of possible COVID-19 exposure at our preschool and to take actions up to and including closing a classroom or the whole school.  Therefore, MLPS relies upon our families to keep the preschool informed (via email to about potential and confirmed cases of COVID-19.  THANK YOU to our families that have taken this responsibility seriously and helped to keep our preschool safe and open!

MLPS has received a lot of questions about COVID-19 and safe timelines for returning to school.  Here are a few of the Frequently Asked Questions. 

What if my child is a close contact of someone who tests positive for COVID-19?

Your child will need to quarantine for 10 days.  This means that your child will NOT be in school for at least 10 days even if he/she tests negative and/or has no symptoms.  Please inform MLPS (via email to of your child’s situation.

What if my child develops symptoms of COVID-19?

Please see your child’s pediatrician as soon as possible.  Do NOT send your child to school.  Please consider having your child tested for COVID-19.   Please inform MLPS (via email to of your child’s situation.  Please continue to follow the MLPS illness policies described in the Parent Handbook.

What if my child tests positive for COVID-19?

Please see your child’s pediatrician as soon as possible.  Do NOT send your child to school.  Please inform MLPS (via email to of your child’s situation.  Your child may return after 10 days of symptoms first appearing OR 10 days after a positive test (if your child did not have symptoms).  Additionally, your child must be symptom-free and fever-free for at least 24 hours without fever-reducing medication.

What if someone at the school tests positive for COVID-19?

MLPS is required to report the positive test result to the Montgomery County Health Department (MCHD).  Based on information about that person’s interactions at the school, the MCHD will provide MLPS with guidance on how to proceed.  This may include closing the class during the ten day quarantine period.  MLPS will communicate that information to families via email as soon as possible.  Families may be contacted by a COVID-19 contact tracer.

School Calendar

The Messiah Lutheran Preschool Calendar for 2022 – 2023 contains the plans for the school year. Please note that these plans and activities are subject to change.

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Messiah Lutheran Preschool Newsletters

The monthly newsletters are sent electronically along with class calendars and church newsletters. They contain seasonal reminders and upcoming events.

Parent Volunteers

Messiah Lutheran Preschool welcomes the help of our parents and families, both in and out of the classroom. Please let your teachers or the preschool office know if you have a particular skill or task in mind. We are required to have a Release of Information Form on file for each person who works or volunteers at school. This form must be notarized.

Release of Information Form

Medication Administration

Messiah Lutheran Preschool is required to have a written order from an authorized health care provider and written permission from a child’s parent or guardian in order to administer any prescription or non-prescription medication to a child (this includes all over the counter medication). Please use the Maryland State Department of Education Medication Authorization Form.

Medication Authorization

Parking and Traffic Flow

Your safety is important to Messiah Lutheran Preschool! Please

  • park in the parking lot when dropping off or picking your child.
  • do NOT park or stop at the curb as this creates a hazard for pedestrians using the crosswalk.
  • ask another parent or staff member if you need assistance.
  • let us know of any safety concerns that you have.
  • follow the flow of traffic as pictured in the first link below.
  • use proper safety seats for your children

Parking and Traffic Flow for MLPS

Scholastic Book Orders

SIGN UP at On the parent page, register by clicking the “Don’t have a user name or password?” link. When prompted, enter the one-time Class Activation Code: H8FYT. This unique code ensures that your order is sent to the preschool.


A daily snack is provided to the children at MLPS. Several times a year, each class is asked to bring in items for our snack cupboard. When it is your class’s turn, please select two items from the list below to bring.

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Classroom Stories

Messiah Lutheran Preschool has used these stories in the classroom to help children know what to expect during the day and how to solve problems.  Please read them to your children as often as you like!

Links to Articles of Interest

Emergency Preparedness

Messiah Lutheran Preschool has completed an Emergency Preparedness Plan (available in the office). MLPS has semiannual evacuation drills in addition to monthly fire drills. MLPS follows the Montgomery County Public School (MCPS) decisions for closings or delayed openings and early dismissals. Please sign up for emergency notifications from Montgomery County at Alert Montgomery at

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