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Your Messiah Properties Committee can be reached via email at

Your Messiah Lutheran Church Properties Board is looking for ADVISORS and Board members.  Please consider serving as an ADVISOR for the Properties Board.  An ADVISOR does not necessarily complete the work (although that would be great!) but can be a source of information on what work needs to be done and how best to accomplish the work properly and in a timely and cost-effective manner.  If you are interested please see Susan Wollman or email

The table below lists some small projects that may be suitable for a family or one or two individuals to complete.  Please let Susan know if you are planning one of these projects and if you need any materials to complete the project.

Project/Scopedeadlinecompleted by _____

Apply NO PARKING stencil to yellow
curb — paint and stencil are available


Apply coating of WD40 to exterior
door frames for protection
and glossiness.


Remove rust stains from front steps
using a special cleaner (located in the
Fan Room). 
Please do NOT use bleach!


Rescue irises and other plants from
planting area in front of the Sunday
School/Preschool door

complete! Thank you to all!

Two bare wood steps need a coat of
easy-to-apply brown stain (in the
Fan room).
The steps can be moved or taken
outdoors for easier staining.

8/15/2019 Maria Muller

2 rocking chairs in the nursery are
in need of refinishing and repair.
1 child’s chair is in need of
This could be a great project for you
to practice your refinishing skills on!

Stain concrete structure to the left of
the front steps to match the new
landscaping stone
Apply Round-up to emergency
spillway to remove vegetation from
this drainage area

Landscape Project at Entrance Area

Progress is being made! On Tuesday 8/20, much of the challenging geometry was worked out and walls are taking shape. Please be aware that there are pallets of stone in the driveway next to the sidewalk in this area and more are expected to be delivered on Wednesday 8/21. There are assorted bits of equipment and sharp tools in the vicinity as well as a pile of displaced dirt. Please do not allow children (or adults!) to interfere with these supplies or the equipment.

Demolition Day!
Tuesday 8/20
Tuesday 8/20

Please prayerfully consider special gifts towards the completion of this project.

Upper Level Smoke Detectors  

Currently, we do not have smoke detectors on the upper level of our building.  Many, if not most, churches do not have smoke detectors in their sanctuaries due to the high ceilings.  However, some concerns about the education and office wing of the upper level remain.  Estimates for installing a set of hard-wired, interconnected smoke detectors in these areas are being obtained.

Maintenance Updates 

Fire Code requires the installation of Knox Boxes at our two main entrances. These are permanently mounted boxes that the fire department can access in order to obtain keys to the building and the fire alarm panel. This will prevent the breaking down of doors in the event of a fire emergency. This has been a requirement that was not enforced rigorously in the past; it is now being enforced. These boxes were installed on Tuesday 8/20 and the fire department visited on Wednesday 8/21 to lock our keys inside.

Our exterior AC systems have been chemical cleaned. This should improve performance extend the life of our system even further.

Two of our VERY large (and mostly dead) trees were taken down at the end of July. There are a few other trees that are being monitored for signs of eminent failure.

Posted on: August 21st, 2019 by Susan Wollman

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