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Your King Is Coming

Posted on: December 6th, 2018 by Pastor Hill

“Your King Is Coming” is not only a general theme for the Christmas season, but the specific theme for our Wednesday evening Midweek Advent Services. The text for pre-Christmas Sunday Services Graduals comes from Zechariah 9:9b and also is a text for the first Midweek Service. The individual weekly themes and texts are: “Jesus: King of —
1. Shame, Zechariah 9:9b; Psalm 25:1–3
2. Guilt, Psalm 80
3. The Low, 2 Samuel 7:1–17; Luke 1:26–38

Midweek 1: Jesus: King of Shame. In our world of sin, what should shame us hardly causes mild embarrassment. But when the King comes into ones life, shame also returns to bring a recognized need for forgiveness. But the King of Shame covers our shame and calls us to live in the light and hope He brings from His work in the past, up to and including the cross, into our lives for both the present and eternal future.

Midweek 2, Jesus: King of Guilt, Who came to take upon Himself our guilt and bring us the gift of forgiveness, also renews and restores us to eager anticipation to welcome His comings.

Midweek 3, Jesus: King of the Low, as He came from the highest, becoming of the lowest in humility, He makes highest of the lowest, like David and Mary, you and me, by His grace.

O come, O come Emanuel, God with us!

He has. He is, and He will forever!

Prepare for His comings with His gracious gifts of Word and Sacrament this Advent and Christmas season as we gather in His Name and to His Glory for bringing Heavenly Peace to a sinful mankind.


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